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We are live in home and it is very important to us that how to buy our home and what is benefit when we buy our home from any builders and others.

Here we are know about some very popular method for buying a home.

Cash payment:

This is best way that our builders wants this payments mode.   Because we all know that cash is base of business without cash no body can stay in business. And this is fact .

Profit when when you buy from cash: 

Without cash you can not do any business so cash is like blood in your body. you can live with our blood as like your business also not live with out cash. When you paid full amount of cash your builder may be give some discount on full payment. If he is not giving you can ask for this and i am sure that they can not say no to you becuase you are the customer.

Loss when you buy from cash:

Cash payment is gives risk in any where because we all know that some builder do not give you any paper when you give payment to him. And this is very risky because when you have no prof how can you proof that you have payment to this builder. So for this reason you can avid cash payment.

Bank Loan :

You can buy your home with bank loan. they are giving you the loan and you can buy your home with paid of some extra interest.

EMI options:

This is another option for the buy your home. You can set a fixed amount this monthly base and paid this amount. After some years when your loan amount full paid that time your home is your home.

How you know that is best plan for you ?

Cash payment : It is best for the person who have lots of money and they can not need for any business purpose.

Bank Loan : This is best of the people who have some other asset and they want to buy a home for this. They can gives bank to there property on lease and take some loans and buy there home.

EMI : This is best for the salary based people who have some fix income and they have adjust a fix amount for there home and they take as on EMI option.

This is all the option for your big home and dream home.

What is best option for flats in zirakpur and why ?

Now i want to taking about the best offer of the flats in zirakpur , Mona greens is one of the best option this time because almost ready to move and you can shift as soon as possible. It is best location in Zirakpur with closed by your all daily need. It is made by the very famous real estate builder in this area , Mona Townships Pvt Ltd.This is best option for property bazaar



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