Just Buy : Don’t Wait to Pay More

Currently in India, it is a smart choice to purchase home/apartment/villas according to Different real estate expert in different City. This statement is given because in future Price Rate of home/apartment/villas will increase with high price margin. this is not only Reason To buy a home but this is the important one. Some other reason which will initiate This situation are following :

1: Rents are High :  Currently in India most of people living in rented house in urban City. So you can earn   easily through put your home on rent . This is easiest way

To income some extra money.

2:Qualification is easy to get : In India currently purchase a home is easiest . In past buy Home is difficult and time taking because of paperwork and registration process. This is One factor people are not buy apartments. But after some relaxation on process by Government it’s makes easy to buy.

3: It feels good : Every person want live in his/her dream home/Apartment. so purchasing Home for own family makes feel good. There nothing compares to walking into home That’s yours first time. To paint,decorate and updating kitchen makes so happy and There’s Nothing to worrying about to rent being raised.

4: One big Investments : Purchase  home is one big investments and smart choice. According to Investopedia “The largest measurable financial benefit to home-ownership is Price appreciation” .

Currently India is growing as big economic country in world wide. economic status of India gradually  increasing the main cause of behind this factor is different industry comes In different sector e.g. Information technology,Financial Sector, Defence Sector, Real Estate , Medical Sector etc.

             Real estate is one sector who growing very fast in India because people are Moving from rural to urban place. Because of this reason space complexity increasing.

The meaning of space complexity is houses are less as compare to people living in City. In Future this complexity will reach at highest peak value.

At that time value of Home/Apartment to buy is more difficult as compare to current time. Movement of people towards urban City makes government to worry about how to Provide them home in low price in City.

                 Government Authority and Real Estate Developer decided to provide an Economic Home/Apartment to people who are working in urban City under different Scheme According to their Financial status. Also Government decided to develop a small City into metro City/smart City. this idea has invoked to stop movement and provide Employment to people who are moving to other city. So in current time is most easy to Purchase home with some great offer and relaxation. For example zirakpur is one Beautiful city near Chandigarh and Mohali. This is The City Which is in Eye of Real Estate Builders.

       Zirakpur city is situated in punjab state of India. This city is blessed by nature which Makes this  place to live and buy a dream home. Zirakpur is one of  growing city in  punjab And it is so close to Mohali by distance. Mohali known as one of  upcoming IT city in India , Because of this reason many people comes to Mohali for different purpose e.g. job, Business. People needs own home to live without wasting their money to pay rent. Zirakpur  is city to place buy home at cheap price rate if you interested buy a home near Mohali City. Distance between Mohali & Zirakpur city is around 6 km so live in Zirakpur City who worked in Mohali city is a convenient option. Also Zirakpur is much cheaper than Mohali. There are many Real Estate Builders present in Zirakpur who sales Flats/Apartments in good price rate. Following table contains few Detail Information about Available Properties  in Zirakpur.

Property Name
Sushma Crescent
Sushma Buildtech Limited
55.77* Lac
Mona Greens
Mona Townships Pvt. Ltd.
53.05* Lac
Malwa Escon Arena
Malwa Projects Pvt ltd
75.76* Lac
Motia Oasis
Motia Township Pvt Ltd.
39* Lac
MD Leafstone Luxury Apartments
MD Builders and developer
49.89* Lac
Maya Garden City
Maya Estatz
1.78* Crore

Very short and perfect list for buy your property.  


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